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In 2014, we partnered with the Old Adobe School in Sonoma to raise scholarship funds at the first Blue Rose Ball. The Ball was a success, raising nearly $25,000—enough to fund 4 half-day, year-round scholarships at Old Adobe. We hope you will join us again this year!

“My oldest daughter went to Old Adobe School on a scholarship. She didn’t start out on a scholarship. My husband and I had some very tough times, financially, and the scholarship fund helped us work through the difficult times. 

The education at Old Adobe was so great! Not only was my oldest more than prepared for elementary school academics, she was very confident that she could do it. She felt ready and knew she was smart… the social engagement she participated in every day really helped her be ready to problem-solve in a larger group. Because we had the help of the scholarship, a huge weight was lifted off my husband and me and it was one less thing to be worried about… it lent us more time to present with our children at home.”

– Old Adobe Parent, 2014

"Mi hijo llego a la escuela de Adobe Viejo hace tres anos. Solo podria pagar 100 dolares al mes. Adobe Viejo paga el pagado el resto. Esta en primer grado ahora y en la parte superior de su clase. Adobe Viejo era muy bueno para el."

Translation - My son came to Old Adobe School three years ago. I could only pay $100 a month. Old Adobe paid the rest. He is in first grade now and at the top of his class. Old Adobe was very good for him.

– Old Adobe Parent, 2012

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