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Supporting programs that give all children the ability to reach new heights of success.

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The Blue Rose Foundation was created to honor the memories of our family members, friends, teachers, and mentors. To pay tribute to those who inspired us, we support programs that give children the ability to reach new heights of success. Reaching at-risk children early is critical to this success. Nobel Prize-winning Professor of Economics James Heckman has demonstrated that investing in pre-kindergarten programs for disadvantaged children provides a significant return on investment to society, improving literacy, high school graduation and employment rates, as well as reducing delinquency and violence.

In Sonoma County, where Blue Rose Foundation’s efforts are concentrated, approximately 15% of children live below the poverty line. Low-cost and free preschool programs are available for families in need, but demand far exceeds the supply. In 2011, there were over 100 more eligible children 5 years of age and younger, than there were available spaces in subsidized care programs. We aim to close that gap.

For more information on the benefits of early childhood education, please visit:
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Blue Rose Foundation Staff:
Sarah Poletto  -  Executive Director
Jennifer Dawson  -  Associate Director
Blue Rose Foundation Board Members:
Joe Poletto  -  Chairman
Richard Goldsmith  -  Director
Edward Hearn  -  Director
Richard Hope - Director
Alan Capilupi  -  Treasurer

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